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Confidential or Personal Information in Emails

Email Security

Email is not a secure form of communication. To protect yourself from identity theft, do not include the following in email communications:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Credit Card information
  • Any unique identification numbers that you have been provided by Tarleton State University
  • Usernames/Passwords

Other unsecure communications

Email isn't the only way your information can be used by unauthorized individuals. Keep yourself safe by not providing this information on these as well:

  • Social Networking Sites (i.e., Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Websites that
    • do not start with https in their web addresses (i.e.,
    • do include numbers within the beginning of their web addresses (i.e., http://123.45.678.9/login.asp)
  • Online games or chatrooms
Email Security

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