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Faculty & Staff

As a faculty or staff member, you have the following technology resources available to you:

Account Access

To view policies and rules regarding your accounts and other technology-related items, visit the policies and guidelines page.

Campus Refresh Project

The Campus Refresh Project is designed to provide Faculty and Staff with a predictable schedule for computer replacement.  

  • Click here to see the Campus Refresh Project Presentation
  • Eligible 2015 Staff Showcase
    • Help Desk staff will be on hand to showcase machine choices, answer questions, and provide assistance with the decision process
    • Wednesday, March 4, 2015, Tuesday, March 10, 2015 and Tuesday, March 24, 2015 from 12:00-2:00pm in the Library Learning Commons Multipurpose Room
  • 2015 machine menu
  • FAQ's

Self-Service Software Download Portal

Dell Kace offers a self-service ability for faculty and staff to download site-licensed software packages to their Tarleton-owned machines.

  • Click here for instructions to use the Dell Kace Portal
  • Click here to go to the Dell Kace Portal
  • FAQ's
  • Click here for software available for purchase to use at home

Email and Calendar

Tarleton State University provides all faculty and staff with a Microsoft Exchange email account.  The desktop client used to access your Exchange account will be Outlook on a PC and Entourage on a Mac.  You can find out more information on our Exchange Email page. If you need to review our distribution lists please visit the Distribution Lists page.

Password Resetting

You can set password questions and reset your network (NTNET) password using TSynch.

Storage Space

The T: drive is a virtual drive mapping to your share of server storage space. Employees will see the T: Drive on office or lab computers when logged on to Windows using his/her NTNET account. Files saved to the T: drive have the advantage of being backed up and are accessible from any machine on which you are logged in to NTNET.

Your Place for Resources

This is Tarleton's web portal where many resources have been assembled for your convenience, including Banner Tools (including Ducktrax), DegreeWorks, and Blackboard. Login to myGateway at or click the myGateway link at the top of the Tarleton homepage.

Online Instructional Tools (Blackboard)

Tarleton provides an online learning community within the Blackboard course management system.  Students can access the Blackboard system for online courses or as a supplement to a traditional face-to-face course.  Blackboard provides the ability for students to view course materials as well as complete assignments and assessments to be evaluated by the Instructor.  In addition, students have the ability to interact with their Section Instructors and their classmates through communication tools that simulate face-to-face interaction.  The call center for the Blackboard system at Tarleton is 1-866-744-8900, Option 3.

Emergency Alert System

As an employee at Tarleton, you are automatically registered for the Code Purple Emergency Alert System.  You can find out more about the options and services at the Code Purple Emergency Alert System website.

Internet and Wireless Access

There are various sources of internet available at Tarleton, including wireless access in common areas.  You may also connect to the Tarleton network from home via VPN.

Texan Card

The Texan Card is the name of the university's identification card issued to students, faculty and staff. It is a photo ID with a magnetic strip, and is used for a variety of things, such as:

  • Building access,
  • entry into on-campus events,
  • Texan Bucks, a stored-value debit system for use on and off-campus,
  • and much more!

Your Texan Card gives you access to many Tarleton events and facilities. It is your admission to the Recreational Sports facility and to all athletic and fine arts events.

Parking Services

Faculty and staff are required to purchase a parking permit annually from the Parking Office. You can manage your parking account and permits by logging into the Parking Services website with your NTNET username and password.

University Libraries

Tarleton provides certain online research capabilities for students to utilize without having to step foot into the Library.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of available Online Reference ServiceInterlibrary Loan,Online Research Resources, and Circulation Services available from the Tarleton Libraries.  The library also has a laptop checkout program for use within the library, and offers flat-bed scanners. The call center for support with Library Systems is 1-866-744-8900, Option 6.

Computing (Offices & Labs)

At Tarleton State University, you’ll find a full range of computing solutions to meet your needs, including over 30 computer labs, 6 of which are general access with extended operating hours to fit your schedule. You’ll find high quality laser printers in all of the labs and the library. Need help with any of these offerings? The central call center for computing at Tarleton is 1-866-744-8900.

Phone Services

Tarleton provides employee phonesonline directory, long distance access, headsets, and more phone services. ITS is currently installing new Voice over IP (VoIP) phones.

Computer Help Desk

For assistance with accounts, passwords, computer labs, or campus computers, you may login to the Help Desk site and submit Work Order using your NTNET username and password.

Web Site Accounts (Cascade Server or FTP)

You may request an individual web site account on Tarleton’s web site for academic use.  You will receive a pre-made template that you will be able to populate yourself.  Tarleton currently uses Cascade Server, a content management system for web site management.  For information and tutorials on this system, you may visit the CMS Tutorial Site or contact us for in-person training opportunities. 

You may contact our office through email at or call 254-968-9885, option 4.

Access Your Drives From Home (Virtual Private Network)

The VPN Client program allows your computer to access Tarleton's Network Resources though the Internet.  This has several benefits including connecting  to the Library Databases, accessing your T: Drive and many more.  

The VPN Client also provides a level of security using Virtual Private Networking to encrypt all traffic to and from the Tarleton network.

IT Security

The security of information is extremely important here at Tarleton State University. Information Technology Services (ITS) distributes automatic updates routinely to all Tarleton-owned computers on the Tarleton network, in an attempt to protect them from known viruses and intrusions. Safe IT Security practices are encouraged for all systems. Learn more about virus protection, learning how to set a strong password, practice conscientious downloading and protect against phishing attempts at the IT Security website.

Software for Purchase

Work at Home or Personal Use (Faculty / Staff Only): Microsoft work-at-home software such as Office and Windows, and Adobe Creative Cloud products for personal use, are available for discounted purchase.  Get Instructions Here.

For your office: Submit a work order for a software request. A price will be quoted for the software.  Upon approval the license will be ordered and the software will be installed. IT Services will charge your departmental account for the software.

*There is also a self-service portal to download some campus-licensed software to your Tarleton owned computer.

  • Click here for instructions to use the Dell Kace Portal
  • Click here to go to the Dell Kace Portal