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Graduate Faculty Membership

Since the academic reputation of any graduate program rests upon the quality of its faculty, great care is given to the awarding of graduate faculty status. The approval of graduate faculty rests with the Graduate Council. Faculty membership is limited to full-time faculty who have the terminal degree or its equivalent for their field.

These appointments are based upon SACS standards 3.7.1 and 3.7.2.

Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty members can teach graduate classes, direct master’s theses, serve on doctoral committees, and direct doctoral dissertations. Graduate faculty may serve as their department’s representative on the University Graduate Council.

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

Affiliate members may be full-time or adjunct faculty members. Affiliates may serve on graduate committees, but may not serve as the chair. Those who hold a terminal degree may teach graduate classes in the discipline of their degree. Tenured and tenure-track faculty in this membership level should demonstrate continued professional development as defined by their Tarleton State University program.

Visiting Graduate Faculty

Members are eligible to teach graduate courses, direct master’s theses, and serve on doctoral committees. The university will recognize the graduate faculty status held by the visiting member at their home institution. This includes The Texas A&M University System Graduate Faculty. Anyone not affiliated with an institution of higher education will be evaluated on a regular basis.

Only tenured or tenure-track faculty members with the appropriate terminal degree at the rank of professor, associate or assistant who are members of The Texas A&M University System and/or employed at Tarleton State University are eligible to be graduate faculty.

A department, upon special circumstances or specific need, may be granted an exception to the tenured or tenure-track requirement for the assignment of faculty responsibilities by the graduate dean. Such permission is not meant to be construed as a change in the university’s expectations or practices.

Advising Students

Professional staff with the appropriate terminal degree who are employed at Tarleton State University may serve as graduate advisors and on a thesis committee as a fourth committee member, so long as this is requested by a student and approved by the department head and committee chair.

You can find all of your advising resources on the forms page.

Minimum Qualifications for Graduate Faculty

Minimum qualifications for Graduate Faculty membership include:

  • Academic rank of Assistant Professor or above
  • Earned terminal degree in the teaching discipline or related field
  • Competence as a scholar, including research capability and/or creative activity as shown by publications, creative endeavors, supervision of thesis or dissertations and proposed or awarded grants

College/Departmental requirements for graduate faculty members may exceed the above requirements and are specified at the time of hire or during annual/post tenure review.

Nomination and Review of Graduate Faculty

Nomination for membership on the graduate faculty is always initiated by the head of the appropriate academic department, intercollegiate faculty, or dean of the college (under special circumstances such as department head nomination). Nominations must be made using the Tarleton State University Faculty Appointment Form and submitted to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Membership on the graduate faculty is maintained only by participating in graduate programs, such as:

  • Teaching graduate level courses
  • Directing or administering graduate work
  • Conducting research and publishing

And other direct/substantial contributions to the university’s graduate program. 

The Graduate Council expects that all deans, department heads, and chairs of intercollegiate faculty will regularly review the graduate faculty under their direction and recommend withdrawal of appointments of any members who no longer merit membership on the basis of their lack of contribution to graduate education.

Retired or relocated graduate faculty, who are in good standing, are allowed to continue as chair or as a member of dissertation/thesis committees upon the recommendation of the graduate faculty members in their program or department.