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Employment For Graduate Students

Assistantships for graduate students are available in most academic departments that offer a master's program as well as other university support areas. Most assistantships require teaching, laboratory instruction or research. The awarding of assistantships is considered as a staffing function of the department making the appointment. Inquiries about applications should be addressed to the head of the department in which the applicant wishes to study.

Applications for such positions must satisfy both the Graduate School and department requirements. Academic excellence and maturity are the primary qualifications.

To apply for a graduate assistantship, you may click the following link, Graduate Assistant Application*, or contact the Office of Graduate Studies for an application.

To check on available G.A. positions, please click on Hire A Texan! or visit the Career Services office in the Barry B. Thompson Student Center.

Out-of-State Tuition Waivers

Out-of-state graduate students are eligible to pay in-state tuition and fee rates under any one of the following criteria.

Employment as a GA with:

  • GA assistantship in any category except GA Non-Teaching
  • Scholarship award of $1000
  • Military Service (See a VA Counselor)
  • Tuition waivers are reviewed and applied in the College of Graduate Studies Office.

Requirements of a GA:

  • Be admitted into the graduate college
  • If teaching, must have a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the field to be taught
  • Have a satisfactory GRE, GMAT or MAT score and a satisfactory undergraduate GPA
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 graduate GPA
  • Be in good standing with the graduate college
  • Be enrolled in and complete at least 6 hours of graduate credit each term (3 hours for the entire summer)

Positions: Work Load and Stipends

The Chief Executive Officer and the Vice President for Academic Affairs set stipends in consultation with the Graduate Dean.

 A Graduate Assistant, with credit for 18 hours in appropriate graduate-level courses, may be assigned to teach only Developmental, 100 level, or 200 level  courses.

Current Stipend Rates
Position Rate Description
(Title #9180)
$11.53/hour Assist professors and other University personnel in various clerical and administrative assignments, work load is 20 hours per week.
G.A.-Research Assistant   Engaged in faculty supported-research project(s). This research may be, in part, to meet thesis requirements for the master's degree. However, increasingly, as students are encouraged to engage in research activities unrelated to an actual final thesis, they may be in team research with other students, with their professor, or any other type of research deemed appropriate by the employing department or office.
G.A.-Research Assistant I
(Title #9221)
$9000* Responsibilities involve research conducted for faculty, staff, or their own research and the other 1/2 of the assignment includes other duties as assigned. Research is the primary assignment.
G.A.-Research Assistant II
(Title # 9222)
$9000* All duties are research (defined as any laboratory, computer, or other scientific manipulation of materials or data to gain information for university decision making, reporting, publication, or discovery. ) Additionally, they may be conducting their own research.
G.A.-Laboratory Assistant I
(Title #7423)
$9,000* Teach labs in laboratory classes other than science. Four labs are equal to a three semester credit hour assignment. Students assume responsibility for instruction to undergraduate students in a laboratory setting and may be listed as the teacher of record for each laboratory taught. Planning for instruction is done collaboratively with the faculty or staff responsible for the course and as specified in the laboratory objectives as listed in the master syllabus. The primary responsibility is teaching as well as other academic administrative responsibilities.
G.A.-Laboratory Assistant II
(Title #7424)
$9,000* Applies to Science labs. Each laboratory taught is equal to .75% effort for each semester credit hour of the laboratory as listed in the university catalog. The primary responsibility is teaching. Students assigned to this category assume responsibility for delivering instruction to undergraduate students in a laboratory setting. They have responsibility for the management and operation, including instruction, of the laboratories on campus. They are the teacher of record for each laboratory assignment. Any other responsibilities assigned would be administrative and directly relate to the teaching responsibilities. The graduate assistant does not assign the final course grade, but would be responsible for the grade for the laboratory component of the course. The final grade is usually determined in collaboration with the faculty member supervising the laboratory assignment.
G.A.-Teaching Assistant I
(Title #7550)
$10,000* Primary classroom teaching responsibilities and teach less than 6 semester credit hours, serve as instructor of record of formally organized course(s) with the responsibility for assigning final grades.
G.A.-Teaching Assistant II
(Title #7553)
$11,000* Primary classroom teaching responsibilities and teach 6 semester credit hours or more, serve as instructor of record of formally organized course(s) with the responsibility for assigning final grades. (Appointment is for 9 months only. Summer session may be contracted with approval of the VPAA)
G.A.-Doctoral salary negotiable  

*(50% employment for nine months)