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Take a Field Trip to Thurber!

The W.K. Gordon Center offers several educational programs to schools, home school groups and scouts. We would like you to consider a visit to the W.K. Gordon Center as a valuable supplement to enhance your students’ knowledge about Texas history and culture. The museum exhibits highlight life, culture and industry of Thurber, Texas. Once a town of 10,000, Thurber now is one of Texas’s most famous ghost towns!

At the museum, students will get a taste of life in a 19th' and 20th' century town through dynamic, interactive activities and unique artifacts. Exhibits answer questions such as: What was it like mining underground? What did people do for fun? Where did they shop and what did they buy?

                Kids in Theatre  House

Available Programs:

Programs are designed for 4th and 7th grade levels. However, they can be adapted for other age groups.

Scavenger Hunt: Students will explore all areas of Thurber through a short video and a hands-on scavenger hunt through the museum. They will get to read, touch, push buttons, listen and explore the museum to find answers about what life was like for the immigrant coal miners and brick workers of a company-owned town.

Self-Guided Tour: Teachers can guide students through the museum exhibits with their own curriculum in mind. The Gordon Center Education department will be more than happy to discuss appropriate activities for any grade level or class.

Field Trip Information and How To Schedule

Mary Adams handles all tour bookings. Please contact Mary at 254-968-1886 or

Field trips must be scheduled during operating hours and at least two weeks in advance.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 Closed Monday

  • Admission is $2 per student. All teachers, chaperones and bus drivers receive free admission. One adult required per 20 students.
  • We gladly accept cash, check and credit cards. We request one payment for entire group upon arrival.
  • Reserve about 1 to 1 ½ hours for your visit.
  • Bus parking is available and the center is disabled accessible.
  • One adult chaperone required per 20 students.

 To schedule a tour please contact Mary Adams at 254-968-1886 or