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Office of Development at Tarleton State University

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Three graduates smiling during their Commencement Ceremony at Memorial Stadium.

Tarleton is a state university, so why does it need my gift?

Did you know that Tarleton only receives approximately 37% of its operating budget from the State of Texas? This low percentage surprises a lot of people.

So what sources of revenue make up the other 63% of the budget? Students, through their payment of tuition and fees, contribute approximately 37%. The remainder comes from contracts and grants, sales and services, investment and other income, and gifts.

Here are just some examples of what gifts can do:

  • provide scholarships

  • enhance programs

  • support professors

  • renovate existing facilities

  • build new facilities

So you see...your gifts are truly necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and to help Tarleton continue to be a great university, as well as an outstanding educational value! At Tarleton State University, every gift has an impact and every gift is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your support!

"I am teaching today because of the scholarships I received while at Tarleton. I saw each scholarship as a direct investment in my life as a teacher. That investment will continue to grow as I invest in each of my students in the classroom. It is a gift that keeps on giving."

- Candace Hoggard

"It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I will have a minimal amount of debt to repay. I have the scholarships I received at Tarleton to thank for that."

- Amy Hudson

Ely Borrero

"During my time at Tarleton, I was able to gain key leadership skills, such as staff management, presentation and public relation skills, that I use every day in my current career. Without my experiences at Tarleton, uncovering my passions, strengths and career goals would have been an uphill battle."

- Ely Borrero