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Undergraduate Degree Programs



We have five different courses of study within the Geoscience field. Each has a slightly different emphasis. For specific requirements and recommended 4 year programs of study click on the link for each program.

  • The hydrogeology track prepares students for graduate study or employment in hydrogeology. It focuses on those aspects of geology and related sciences that pertain to the occurrence, movement and quality of water with particular attention to groundwater and water-related environmental problems.
  • The environmental science track prepares students to work in the field of environmental science again with an emphasis on water. Most graduates get jobs with consulting firms or government. Often these are field jobs involving sample collection.
  • The geology track prepares students for a wide-range of associated geoscience careers. Many students follow this path if they are planning to go to graduate school in geology.
  • The teacher certification program prepares students to teach science in high school. The need for science teachers is growing as demonstrated by a report which showed that 98% of urban high schools had a shortage in science teachers. This is a comprehensive program in which you will become proficient in all science areas and certified to teach.
  • The Earth Science track was designed for those who desire a broad overview in the Earth Sciences. It also allows students who transfer in with a high number of hours in another area to complete their degree in a timely fashion. It is not recommended for those desiring to go to graduate school, although students have successfully gone on with this degree.

Projected Course Rotations
Fall odd
Spring Even
Fall Even
Spring Odd
Freshman core GEOL 105 X X X X X X None, no credit for both 105 and 108
  GEOL 106 X X   X X   GEOL 105 or GEOL 108
  GEOL 107   X     X   None
  GEOL 108 X     X     None, no credit for both 105 and 108
  ARCH 201 X     X     None
Education only E S 210 X X X X X X  
Majors courses GEOL 300 X     X     GEOL 105
  GEOL 305         X   GEOL 105, 106 and BIOL 120, 121 or consent
  GEOL 306         X   GEOL 105, CHEM 105, 108, MATH 107 or higher
  GEOL 310 X           GEOL  105
  GEOL 312*       X     GEOL 105, 106, MATH 109
  GEOL 313   X         GEOL 105, 106, 203?
  GEOL 314   X         CHEM 108
  GEOL 320       X     GEOL 105, CHEM 108, MATH 109 or consent
  GEOL 405*       X     GEOL 105, 6 upper level hrs geo
  GEOL 411 X           GEOL 306 or concurrent
  GEOL 412 X           MATH 109
  E S 220   X     X    
  E S 320 X           Jr standing
  E S 330   X         Jr standing
  E S 340       X     Jr standing
  E S 350         X   GEOL 105, 107, CHEM 105
  E S 413*         X   GEOL 105, 314, MATH 109, AGRN 301
* WI course