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Institutional Review Board

All research using human subjects -- even paper-pencil questionnaires and surveys to collect data inside Tarleton -- must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Tarleton State University could suffer serious sanctions, including withdrawal of all federal funding, if the appropriate committee approval is not obtained before research begins.

Tarleton's IRB is registered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Send the completed application to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) at Box T-0010.

How are IRB applications processed?

  1. Once received in the OSP, the applications are logged in and assigned a number.
  2. Applications are sent to the committee chair.
  3. The committee completes an initial review and determines if they are exempt, non-exempt, or expedited.
  4. Applicants are notified of the final results, typically two to four weeks after submission.

For questions, please contact Dr. George Eichenberg at ext. 9031 or by email,

Institutional Review Board Members

Committee for Human Subjects

  • Eichenberg, George - Chair
    • [Little, Bert; Styron, Kent - ex officio]
  • Evans, Elaine
  • Haynes, Mike
  • Herbertson, James (M.D.)
  • Kelley, Marie (M.D.)
  • Lewis, Sally
  • Minix, Dean
  • Newby, Bob
  • Snider, Dwayne
  • Williams, Kelly

Committee for Laboratory Animal Use

  • Lambert, Barry - Chair
    • [Little, Bert; Styron, Kent - ex officio]
  • Hunter, Nancy - Community Rep
  • Pfau, Russell
  • Pierce, James
  • Sanderford, Max
  • Sudman, Phil
  • Zisk, John