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Research & Service Goals

Research Priorities

  • Analyze how class size impacts student learning.
  • Investigate the facility design requirements of the 21st century classroom.
  • Evaluate building efficiency and impact on student learning.
  • Explore optimal acoustic levels for student learning.
  • Examine the effect of lighting levels on student learning, achievement & behavior.
  • Investigate emerging health issues related to facilities.
  • Determine the relationship between school size, costs, student achievement and student satisfaction.
  • Establish a framework for determining future technology needs in Texas public schools.

Service Initiatives:

  • Create an information clearinghouse on educational facilities.  As a clearinghouse we desire to create an environment in which continual emphasis is placed on the impact facilities have on student learning.
  • A resource for best practices on technology incorporation
  • Provide “Green” alternatives and information regarding other aspects of school facility construction and renovation.
  • Professional growth opportunities related to school construction, renovation, management, and bond education.
  • Assist school districts with long-range planning.