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Facility Services Handbook

Services Available and How to Obtain Them

Facility Services Telephone Numbers
Planning, Design, & Construction 254-968-9065
after 5:00 p.m. call Control Center 968-9265
Control Center 254-968-9265
Custodial 254-968-9260
Transportation 254-968-9270
Energy Management 254-968-9265
Safety 254-968-9265
Service Request (Work Order)
Other Important Numbers
Telephone Problems, Service 254-968-9966
University Police 254-968-9002
Texan Card Office 254-968-1880
Emergencies 911

Facility Services –

Small Admin IconThe office of Facility Services is located in Building # 671.It is located between the Physical Plant and the Bandstand. Administration and Planning is responsible for the overall administration of all phases of facilities, including fiscal and technical management of other departments, preparation of plans and specifications for minor construction projects and repairs/rehabilitation projects, coordination of major construction projects, Campus Master Planning and utilities management.

It is important that Facility Services be advised of any planned alterations or additions to any structure or grounds area. This is required in order for us to have knowledge of the exact condition of Tarleton’s facilities at all times.

Installation of Equipment

Certain items, such as departmental laboratory and office equipment, although purchased through the university's Purchasing Department, may require the coordination of purchase and installation through the department of Facility Services. Requisitions for equipment requiring utilities should be coordinated with Facility Services prior to rental or purchase. Purchase of office furniture does not require coordination with Facility Services unless assistance in moving and / or assembly will be required.

Plans for the procurement of computer, electronic, or other sensitive equipment should be discussed with Facility Services because many building air conditioning systems and electrical circuits cannot accommodate additional equipment without extensive utility modifications. Constant temperature and humidity control for scientific equipment may not be able to be maintained unless building air conditioning systems are modified.

Prior to making application for a grant or project, the utility requirements for equipment and/or environmental requirements should be considered. Facility Services personnel should be contacted in order to evaluate and accommodate your needs.

In - House Construction

Small Hardhat IconAdministration and Planning coordinates all Major Capital Improvements that require outside consultants and/or contractors. All construction performed by Facility Services with its own forces is inspected for compliance with plans, specifications, as well as workmanship.

Job Order Contract Construction- Facility Services utilizes a job order contractor to help expedite Capital Improvement Projects. The cost for projects done by the contract is higher than in - house construction, but can usually be completed in a much shorter time frame.

Request for Construction

Most Capital Improvements to the TSU Campus are funded through PUF (Permanent University Funds) which are allocated to Tarleton by the A&M System. Each year the Building Committee meets to review all requests received for rehabilitation and renovations. These requests are generally sent through the appropriate Vice President, who prioritizes the requests, then forwards them to the Building Committee. Personnel are allowed to present their needs to the committee if they so desire. A vote is then taken on the projects, the list prioritized and presented to the President of the University.

The amount of funds available for the next fiscal year will be the determining factor in the final selection of requests. The President either approves or makes changes to the list as he desires. These projects are then added to the capital budget request (Schedule F-3), the work is then scheduled and completed as resources permit.

For information on Building Committee procedures or construction estimates you may contact the Office of Facility Services, x9065, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Project Request Form is found on the Facility Services main web page. Fill out this form and return to Box T-0250.

Building Maintenance

Small Building IconThe Physical Plant is located on the North West corner of the campus by the "Smoke Stack". The Physical Plant houses the departments of Transportation, Grounds,  Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing Maintenance, and HVAC / Control Systems Maintenance.

Request for Services

Departmental service requests should be made through our web based program. This form may be accessed by going to the Service Request (work order) page. A "Work Request" may originate from anyone on campus; however, all forms should be approved by the budgetary authority in each department.

Four links are present on this page- middle top of page.

TSU Main Campus- Properties on the Main TSU Campus
Agricultural Center- Properties at the TSU Farm
Satellite Campuses- Properties such as Thurber and Med Tech
Hunewell Ranch- Hunewell Ranch and Observatory

Click on the location link from which your service request needs to be entered.

Fill out all required fields:

Requestor Name
Phone Number
Requestor  email
Building Name
Account/Description of Work

Helpful, but not required fields:

Floor Code
Repair Center

After you hit submit, your email address will let the system generate emails to you at all four stages of status changes.

  1. Request submitted
  2. Release to shops
  3. Finished by shops
  4. Finalization for billing or departmental transfers

Space Alterations

Request for space alterations or modifications must be routed to the Associate Vice President for Facility Services through the Department Head, Director and/or Dean for approval and source of funding. The Project Request Form is available on the main Facility Services web page. Fill out this form and return to Facility Services Box T-0520.

Building Maintenance may be contacted at x9963

Emergency Service may be obtained by calling Building Maintenance at x9267 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During off hours calls should be made to the Control Center at x9265. Your calls will be answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Control Center operator will direct your request to the appropriate Facilities Services Department.

Priority of Work

Work Requests are assigned a priority level of 1, 2, 3, or 4 when received. Generally, most routine work is assigned a priority 3. This indicates that work must be completed by a specified date. Priority 1 is assigned to emergency work only. This indicates that a Tarleton Facility is in danger of damage. A priority level 2 indicates that work must be completed quickly to avoid possible damage to a Facility. Priority level 3 indicates work to be completed within 10 days. Level 4 is deferred maintenance which is added to the "deferred maintenance" list of projects due to funding not being available to perform the work.

Routine failures of small items are normal occurrences and should be reported to Maintenance. Examples of routine failures are defective light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, broken windowpanes, broken classroom chairs and desks, etc. These should be reported using the "Work Request" form unless it is an emergency. Be sure to give the exact location and provide as much detail as possible.


Services are normally limited to facilities on the main campus and certain nearby areas; however, departmental services may be obtained for other university areas on request. Labor, materials and/or equipment are not to be used for private or personal benefit either on or off campus.


Facility Maintenance contracts service for all elevators on campus including inspections, maintenance and service items such as electrical repairs and call outs required due to power failures, vandalism, fire, storm damage, etc. The University must pay for services or major repair work over and above the base contract. All such contracted services must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Facility Services.

Routine problems experienced with elevators in any building should be reported to Maintenance immediately by calling x9267. All reports of elevator problems should include the Building name, location or description of the elevator and the nature of the problem. All elevators are equipped with a contact button which goes directly to the Control Center, and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Keys and Locks

The security of all buildings and rooms on campus is the joint responsibility of those personnel issued keys as well as Facility Services and the University Police. A "Key Request" form should be issued to Maintenance for all new key requests. The requesting department will be notified when the work is completed. Keys may be picked up at the Physical Plant from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Keys must be picked by the person being issued the key and they will be required to sign for the key. If for any reason a person should leave the employment of the University, all keys will be required to be turned in to Maintenance prior to the last day of employment. No keys will be duplicated or locks changed without permission from the "responsible person" and Facility Services. Request for lock or key service must be made in writing and provide the following information:

  • Complete description of work requested (i.e., what, when, where and why)
  • Quantity of keys required
  • Departmental budget to be charged
  • Signature of Head of Department or "responsible person"

The Custodial Department is responsible for unlocking entrance doors and classroom doors to academic and administrative buildings by 7:30 a.m. on normal business days. Custodial employees will not unlock any other doors for any reason without permission from their supervisor. However, the employee may assist gaining access by calling the Control Center for a Police Officer.

If a door must be unlocked due to an emergency, please contact Police at 9002 during normal working hours or the Control Center at x 9265 during off hours.

Electrical Requirements

In the selection of equipment for Offices, Laboratories, etc. the following principles concerning electrical characteristics should be observed. Maintenance will offer this assistance when requested.

  • All standard 120-volt, single-phase circuits are limited to 20 ampere capacity. Normally several receptacles are on a circuit; therefore, when selecting additional equipment, the circuitry must be considered.
  • Equipment that requires more than 20 amps must be single-phase or three-phase 208, 230 or 480 volts. Not all of these voltages are available in all buildings. Maintenance should be contacted to determine the appropriate phase and power for each building.

In the selection of equipment requiring less than 20 amps at 120 volts, where possible, the highest available voltage in the area should be used. Any circuit changes, receptacle relocation, or other electrical system modifications required to connect office, laboratory, or special equipment must be paid for by the requesting department.

Fire Extinguishers

The purchase and maintenance of all Fire Extinguishers, including hangers, is the responsibility of Maintenance. Placement, testing, inspection and servicing of all fire extinguishers and fire control devices will be done routinely by Maintenance. Training on the use of fire extinguishers is provided free on a yearly basis to all faculty, staff and students. If you notice any missing fire extinguishers, please inform the Control Center at X9265!


Grounds is a division of the Maintenance Department. It provides the university with the beautiful landscape we all enjoy. Landscaping projects of both a permanent and seasonal nature, walks and roadways and maintenance and renovation of the university's irrigation system are done by Grounds crews.

To request landscaping a "Work Request" must be issued to Maintenance and the account number to be charged must be included. To report routine grounds maintenance needs call Grounds at x9963. All work on Auxiliary Service areas must be done by Work Request with the account number to be charged. Housing provides maintenance on all grounds associated with the Housing Areas.

Building Inspections

Facility Services personnel conduct inspections of all campus buildings and facilities on a continuous schedule to determine major and minor items of maintenance and/or compliance with applicable standards. Deficiencies which are the responsibility of Facility Services are corrected routinely. Responsible administrators are encouraged to report problems to Maintenance by work requests. Departments will be advised of items needing correction which become departmental responsibilities.

Furniture Maintenance

To the extent possible, regular classroom furniture is maintained by Facility Services. Office furniture and furniture used in research departments are the property of the department and should be maintained on a departmental basis. Repairs for office furniture or furniture used in research may be repaired by sending a work request with the paying account number to Maintenance.


Maintenance painting is a service provided by Facility Services/Maintenance and is performed on a scheduled basis generally following a seven-year cycle. Other painting may be performed as a departmental service chargeable to the requesting departments operating budget. Request for painting should be directed to Maintenance using the Work Request form. Paint colors may be selected from a set of standard colors. Special colors are available at additional charges and require authorization by the Building Manager.


The Transportation Department is located in Maintenance, Physical Plant. Certain procedures must be followed to obtain the vehicles for rental. Please fill out a Transportation Request Form, a Compensation Insurance Form for TSU employee signed by the driver(s), and fax all to X9270. For information and availability please call the Transportation desk at x9270.

Control Center - Energy & Utility Operations

Small Energy Saver IconThe Control Center is located next to the Student Development Center on Vanderbilt Street. The Control Center provides 24 hour utility and emergency service to the campus community. The procurement and administration for electricity, natural gas, water and heating fuel is managed through this office. All energy management records, statistics, reports and administrative functions are conducted through this office.

Request for Heating and Cooling

Temperature control and scheduling systems are set to provide properly conditioned air from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in all academic and office buildings on campus. Requirements for conditioned rooms/buildings, after normal duty hours should be requested through the use of a "Work Request" form. The request should state the exact location of the need and the hours requested. Faculty and Staff may call x9265 to request up to 3 hours of additional air conditioning or heating if not scheduled in advance.

Energy Conservation

Due to the large usage of utilities and because of significant rate increases in recent years, energy conservation has become a vital concern. Energy management is the most effective method available to minimize the continually rising cost of energy consumed in buildings. By applying effective energy management practices, energy waste can be eliminated.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning uses a large amount of energy at TSU. Several years ago, the University adopted an energy policy. Energy management measures are as follows:

  • Building indoor temperatures will be maintained between 72 and 78.
  • Use of personal fans and electric heaters are forbidden.
  • All exterior doors and windows should remain closed to prevent the infiltration of outside air.
  • Closing blinds or curtains will help maintain comfortable conditions by forming barriers against the outside environment.
  • Turn off computers or monitor, lights, and other energy consuming equipment when you leave or when equipment is no longer in use.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to support energy conservation with the following measures:

  • Instructors should see that lights are turned off in their classroom after the end of class unless another class is scheduled in the room shortly.
  • Make sure all water is turned off after each use. Report all leaks to Building Maintenance at x9267 or Control Center after hours at x9265.
  • Radios, tape recorders, coffeepots and other personal comfort items should be kept to a minimum. The use of Hot Plates may constitute a fire hazard and use is forbidden.

Each department is asked to analyze its individual energy consumption for possible economies. If work is being done after hours, turn off all lights and other energy consuming equipment and secure the building when leaving.

Environmental Services

Small Environmental IconThe division of Custodial Services’ primary responsibility is to provide a clean working environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors to the Tarleton State University campus. Custodial services personnel perform routine cleaning from 4:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Although there is no routine cleaning performed on weekends or holidays, requests for janitorial services for special events may be handled through written work requests. The work request should be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled event. These requests are billed on an overtime basis at the originating departments expense. Charges of this nature will be paid by departmental transfers.

Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to cooperate in maintaining building cleanliness and we strongly urge our patrons to participate in the following:

  • Dispose of trash, waste and recycled products in containers provided in offices and common areas.
  • Call the Custodial main office to report spills or leaks. (We ask that the reporting individual cover the area with paper towels to absorb the spill and to identify these areas to fellow employees to avoid any subsequent safety issues.)
  • Blood spills and human waste incidents should be reported to Environmental Services immediately. Do not attempt to clean these areas, but notify fellow employees to avoid any subsequent safety issues.
  • Clear desks, shelving, tables, countertops and window areas of all objects to insure thorough cleaning.
  • Do not use floor areas for storage for items such as paper products, equipment or personal items.
  • Do not use trash cans as a storage area for papers, folders or umbrellas. Identify boxes and papers that are to be discarded.
  • Please remember, Custodial personnel are not permitted to perform personal or unauthorized services such as running errands, making coffee, delivery services, etc.

Tables and Chairs

Facility Services/Custodial has a limited number of folding tables and chairs for use by departments and organizations are available on a "first come, first serve" basis. There is a $2.50 per table and $1.00 per chair rental fee, in addition to delivery and/or set-up charge if the division moves tables and chairs. No delivery charge is incurred if the requesting department or organization picks up tables and chairs. The requesting department will cover damage to or loss of tables and/or chairs.

The President, or his designee, prior to submitting a request to Environmental Services must approve off-campus usage of tables and chairs.

Furniture and Equipment Moving

Custodial services provides moving crews for departmental moves of office furniture and equipment. Charges may be assessed and are to be paid by the requesting department. Moves involving specialized equipment or a move of magnitude may be contracted to commercial movers at the requesting departments expense.

In occupying a new or renovated building, the move may be performed by a commercial mover, however Facility Services/Custodial will provide coordination and general supervision. The moving department is responsible for securing boxes, packing and identifying items to be moved and for providing specific supervision over specialized equipment.

Pest Control

For all indoor pest problems, please complete an Environmental Services work order indicating the building and room number and describing the pest problem (ants, wasps, mice, etc.). Fax the completed work order to 9270. ES office personnel will schedule a licensed pest control applicator at no charge to the requesting department.

Custodial work orders can be accessed from the Facility Services home page, under the "Service Request (work order) button located on the left side of the page, or go directly to the work order request page.

For problems involving outdoor pests contact Grounds at 9267.


Custodial Services manages the recycling program on the Tarleton State University campus. The recycling program currently collects and recycles aluminum cans, cardboard products, catalogs, envelopes, file folders (no plastic), magazines, newspapers, office paper, computer paper and fax paper, paper ream wrappers (no plastic wrappers), and plastic soft drink and water bottles and all types of metals through its recycling center located at the university farm. Individual drop offs of mass recycling products, in addition to automotive batteries, scrap metal, hot water heaters, cook stoves, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators (with Freon removed), is encouraged. To schedule a drop off call the Tarleton Recycling Center at 968-8059 or Custodial main number at 968-9260.

All university buildings are provided with aluminum can and paper product recycling collection bins. In addition, all students and employees on the Tarleton campus are urged to use desk side recycling boxes. All recycling collection bins and desk side boxes are emptied on a weekly basis. To obtain a desk side recycling box contact Custodial Services at 968-9260.

Cardboard products are collected on a daily basis from loading docks or trash collection sites. If you do not have access to a dock or collection site call Custodial Services at 9260 to arrange a pick-up. Cardboard boxes should be cleared of all packing material prior to pick-up.

Refuse / Solid Waste Disposal

Regular daily solid waste pick-ups are scheduled for the Tarleton campus. Special pick-ups may be arranged by calling 9260. Please allow sufficient lead-time to allow for scheduling of special and week-end pick-ups.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste disposal is subject to federal and State regulations. Hazardous waste should not be placed in the dumpster units provided for normal, day to day refuse. For appropriate coordination and disposition of Hazardous waste please contact the Office of Risk Management & Compliance at extension 9237.

Other Services Available

Small Clipboard IconAnimals on Campus

Cats and Dogs, except guide animals, are not allowed on campus for sanitary reasons and because of possible danger to others on campus. Special exceptions may be made by the Chancellor of the A&M System or his designated representative. Stray cats and dogs are picked up by the City of Stephenville from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact the University Police at extension 9002 or the Control Center at extension 9265 to report stray animals.


Bicycle racks are located throughout the campus for the convenience of bicycle riders. Locking bicycles inside building hallways, porches and entrance ways could block exits during fires or other emergency situations and is prohibited. Bicycles are not to be chained or fastened to light poles, trees, shrubbery, stair rails, etc. Bicycles fastened in a prohibited location may be confiscated by the University Police Department.

Fire Emergency System

All university buildings are equipped with a fire/emergency alarm system. Any sounding of the alarms should be considered a real emergency and all personnel should immediately vacate the building. The alarm systems will be cut off by an authorized person after the building has been thoroughly checked.


Establishing and maintaining an effective environmental health and safety program is the primary role of the Safety Office located in the Central Plant. However being a safety-conscious campus population is the responsibility of everyone. If conditions or situations are observed that could be detrimental to health or that could cause property damage, the Safety Office should be contacted immediately at extension 9842.