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Effective Schools Project

Tarleton State University Effective Schools Project

About ESP

Initiated in 1988, Tarleton State University's Effective Schools Project (ESP) has evolved into one of the nation's largest and longest-running school-improvement ventures. With the Effective Schools research as its foundation, ESP is a school improvement network linking the Tarleton faculty with campus leadership teams from over fifty Texas schools in an ongoing effort to enhance school effectiveness. Since its inception, ESP has partnered with 216 different public schools campuses and Education Service Centers to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities for educators.

Participation in ESP is voluntary. To maximize your school’s benefit from participating in ESP we recommend that each school do the following:

  • Develop a campus improvement plan
  • Appoint a Campus Leadership Team to attend ESP professional development workshops and seminars
  • Provide opportunities for the Leadership Team to share what they have learned with the rest of the faculty
  • Apply what has been learned to campus improvement goals
  • Conduct regular assessment of progress in relation to campus goals
  • Refine the learning environment and instructional practices through on-going professional development

Conferences and Seminars

Professional development conferences and seminars are at the heart of ESP. These events provide members with current educational research, theories, and policies while emphasizing campus implementation and classroom instruction. Seminars draw upon the expertise of state and national consultants. An Advisory Committee of teachers, principals, and superintendents recommends topics and speakers, helping ESP respond to campus and district needs and concerns. The professional development series is organized around school improvement themes broadly associated with one or more of the correlates of effective schools. "Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Innovative Instruction".

Campus Planning Workshop

In March, ESP leadership teams are invited to attend a planning workshop. This spring retreat has become one of the most anticipated and valued events of the project year. During the workshop, school leadership teams are able to evaluate their school year-to-date, to reflect on the research and other information received at ESP conferences, to refine their campus improvement plan or other school operations, and to exchange ideas, goals, and triumphs with other campus teams.

The ESP Journal

The ESP Journal is the official publication of the Effective Schools Project. The state-wide journal is dedicated to the dissemination of information, ideas and research among the participates in ESP, as well as other interested educators. Published annually, each issue of the journal focuses on a particular theme, but consideration is given to non-thematic articles.