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Professional Development Sequence

Approximately 4 long semesters prior to graduation

Semester One
  • PSYC 3303 or 2308 or CHFS 3300 (required for admission to TEP)
  • EDUC 3320: PD I
  • Application to Teacher Education Program completed
Semester Two – Admission to TEP Required
  • EDUC 3330: PD II 
  • READ 3351/3356: Content Area Reading (prerequisite for  PD III)
  • Application to Clinical Teaching completed
Semester Three – Semester Prior to ClinicalTeaching (must have placement)
  • EDUC 4330 (PD III) or Block classes if Interdisciplinary Studies

(If 6-12 Ag Science and Technology, please consult the department for courses and requirements)

Semester Four – ClinicalTeaching
  • EDUC 4335: PD IV
  • EDUC 4690: Practicum in Teaching