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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you sending things to the wrong email?

The official channel for University communication is a student's email account. Students should expect all correspondence to be conducted through this method.

If you have other email addresses in the Tarleton system, we may carbon copy those addresses as well.

You must check your account frequently.  Not using it is not an excuse.

Why did I get an email saying to drop EDUC 3320 ("PD I")?
You must have 60 EARNED hours showing on your Tarleton transcript to be eligible to take EDUC 3320, PD I.  Be sure to check DuckTrax and make sure all courses are showing.  There are no exceptions to the 60-hour rule.
Why did I get an email saying to drop EDUC 3330 ("PD II")?
You probably received this email because we do not have a record of you being admitted into the Teacher Education Program.  This is a requirement before you can take any professional development courses besides EDU 3320.  If you believe our office made a mistake or overlooked your name, possibly due to a name change, be sure to contact us ASAP.
Why is your office still using my old name/address/phone/etc.?
You must make all changes online AND with our office.  Changes made online in DuckTrax or with the registrar's office do not automatically come to us.  We must manually make these changes on our databases.  Any changes can be emailed to
Am I considered "Elementary" or "Secondary/All-Level"?

If your certificate level/area is EC-6, 4-8 (all subjects), or All-Level Special Education, you are considered "Elementary".

If your certificate level/area is 6-12, 7-12, 8-12, or any All-Level aside from Sp Ed, you are considered "Secondary/All-Level".

How do I find out if I have taken and passed the THEA?
If you do not have a copy of your scores from when you took the THEA, Accuplacer, Asset, or Compass, your advisor or Allison Andrews should be able to provide you with all scores that were submitted to Tarleton by checking DuckTrax or WebXtender.
I was denied. What do I need to do to reapply?

You must reapply with all new paperwork and pay a new application fee.  We do not "reactivate" any applications.

I am already admitted to the Teacher Ed Program, but I made a D or dropped below a 2.75 this semester. What happens?

After you have been admitted into the Teacher Education Program, if at any time you no longer meet the requirements for admission/retention, you will be placed on PROBATION for one long semester (Spring or Fall).  If you rectify the problem, you will be lifted off of probation and returned to good standing.  If you do not, you will be dropped from the program.  You will not be allowed to continue in your professional development courses or clinical teach until you have reapplied and been admitted back into the program.

For example, if you made a D or an F in a class in your major certification field in the Spring, you would be sent a letter in early summer saying you have been placed on probation for the Fall semester.  If you retake that class and make a C or better during the Summer or during the Fall, you will be lifted off of probation and returned to good standing.  At the end of the Fall semester if you have not replaced the grade with a C or better, you would be dropped from the program.

You must be in good standing before you clinical teach. 

Please contact the office at 254-968-9815 or the Certification Officer directly at 254-968-9817 if you have specific questions or concerns.