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Secondary / All-Level Certificate Plans

Instructions for opening as a .xls file: Please click on your certificate area.  You will then be asked to open an Excel file.  Once the file has opened in Excel, please save the file to a disk or to your computer.  It is recommended that you save the file to your T: drive and to an external memory device.

Filling out your certificate plan: Fill in your name and ID number.  Using your transcript printed from myGateway, input your letter grades into the appropriate boxes.  Please use CAPS LOCK.  Your GPAs will be automatically calculated for you at the bottom of the sheet.  Once completed, save and print.

Fall 2014 Plans

Certificate Plans

Departmental Contact

6-12 Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources (previously Ag Sci and Tech) Dr. Rudy Tarpley
All-Level Art Chris Ireland
6-12 Business Education (Must pass test by Aug 31, 2016.  Not continuing to offer.) Dr. Sue Joiner
7-12 Chemistry Dr. Lance Whaley
7-12 English Language Arts and Reading Dr. Jeanelle Barrett
6-12 Family & Consumer Sciences  (only available to those who filed degree plans prior to Fall 2014) Dr. Rudy Tarpley
7-12 History TBD - See department
7-12 Life Science Dr. Allan Nelson
7-12 Math Dr. Beth Riggs
7-12 Physics/Math (B.S. Math) Dr. Beth Riggs
7-12 Physics/Math (B.S. Physics) - Send email to for more info. Dr. Daniel Marble
All-Level Music - Instrumental Dr. Anthony Pursell
All-Level Music - Vocal Dr. Troy Robertson
All-Level Physical Education Dr. Tom Tallach
All-Level Physical Education w/ Additional (see Below) Dr. Tom Tallach
6-12 Physical Science (Physics) - Send email to for more info. Dr. Daniel Marble
6-12 Physical Science (Chemistry) Dr. Lance Whaley
7-12 Science (Biology) Dr. Allan Nelson
7-12 Science (Geoscience) Dr. Phillip Murry
7-12 Social Studies (B.A. History) TBD - See department
7-12 Social Studies (B.S. Pols) TBD - See department
All-Level Spanish Dr. Jeanelle Barrett
All-Level Spanish with an Additional Field Dr. Jeanelle Barrett
7-12 Speech Tracey Holley
6-12 Technology Education (B.S.) Dr. George Mollick
Renaissance Scholars Dual Certification in Speech and Theatre Dr. Charles Howard

Plans with Additional Certification Fields. 

Please send an email to Allison Andrews at to request a certificate plan with two fields.  Be sure to include your major certification area and your additional certification area.