Educator Preparation Services

Educator Preparation Report Card

The information in this brochure provides program data that demonstrate the entity’s level of attainment on the data elements required for state and federal reporting.

Educator Preparation Services is designed to assist both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate students who are seeking initial teacher certification through the Tarleton teacher education program are guided through the program from the time they make application until they complete all field experiences, testing, and are recommended for certification.

Our testing and certification services are also provided to graduate students seeking initial teacher certification via the TMATE alternative certification program and to students seeking a professional certificate through one of our graduate level certification programs.

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Educator Preparation Services includes the following services:

  • The Teacher Education Program website contains all the information needed to know about the Teacher Education Program at Tarleton State University, including admission requirements and applications. 
  • Field Experiences contains forms used during your professional development courses, information and applications to clinical teaching. 
  • The Certification Testing website contains the information you need to know about TExES testing, including general TExES information, registration information, test administration dates, test preparation, and test policies.
  • The Educator Certification website contains instructions on how to apply for probationary and standard certifications for both classroom teachers and professional certificates.