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Writing Job Application Documents

Writing an effective resume is one of the most useful skills you will acquire in Technical Writing. While the resume should reflect your unique background, there are some common guidelines to follow. Use a common typestyle like Times New Roman or Arial, don't list your family history, don't include a picture of yourself, use a light-colored paper, etc.

Resumes can be either chronological or functional. The chronological resume is the most common and probably the easiest to develop. Basically, it lists your work and school experience in reverse order. A functional resume can be used when your skills are many but your experience doesn't reflect it. It highlights your abilities in sections like Computer Skills, Personal Skills, and Recent Accomplishments. Compare the examples below:

In our computer age, the use of scanners to screen resumes has made creating a scannable resume prerequisite for job seekers. The process starts when your resume is scanned and then converted to text using special software. Then the organization searches for keywords in the resumes. Resumes matching their search criteria are then printed and evaluated. has some good advice for creating scannable resumes. Their examples demonstrate how to create a resume which will get your foot in the door.

The following links should assist you in your quest for an effective resume.

Resume Links

  • has a career network which includes sample resumes and cover letters. This link may give you some direction as to your resume's appearance.
  • Tarleton's Career Services Department has some advice for resume-writers. They can assist you in getting your resume online and visible to potential employers.
  • JobWeb's resume writing tips will help you create a unique resume and highlight areas which will get you an interview.
  • Ten brief resume writing tips from Taos Mountain which summarize a lot of what you'll see in other articles.
  • If you're trying to create a scannable resume, DamnGoodResume has summarized useful tips which will help you out.