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Writing Memos

The memorandum is one of the primary forms of written communication among members of the same organization. They can be used for all kinds of internal communication objectives:

  • short notes
  • small reports
  • internal or informal proposals
  • policy announcements
  • conversation confirmations
  • information exchange
  • responsibility delegation
  • information requests
  • instructions
  • report results

Clear, concise, effective memos are vital to the successful day-to-day operations of any organization. Carelessly written memos confuse readers, waste time, create costly errors, and antagonize readers with inappropriate tone.

The following resources will help your plan, structure, and compose effective memorandums.

  • Handbook (password protected)
  • Intro to Memos (The Purdue University Writing Lab)
  • Memos (RPI Writing Center; Dan Murphy)
  • (content partner: Purdue University)