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Degrees offered in the DMS program at Tarleton State

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Studies

Part 1: University General Education Requirements 

These courses are the University Core courses ALL Tarleton students must take in order to graduate. (42 credit hours)

Part 2: Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Studies Core Requirements

These courses represent "foundational" courses ALL Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Studies majors must take in order to graduate. (36 credit hours)

Part 3: Emphasis Areas

Concentrations provide students with a focused program of study. Students choose ONE EMPHASIS AREA and take the courses offered in that concentration.

Design (42 credit hours)
  • ART 121 - Drawing 1
  • ART 235 - Digital Photography
  • ART 321 - Life Drawing
  • CIS 300 - Computer and Technology Impact
  • CIS 415 - Interactive and Applied Multimedia
  • COMS 207 - Audio Production
  • COMS 308 - Digital Video Production
  • COMS 412 - Rhetorical Communication
  • ENGL 312 - Technical Writing w/ Graphics
  • Advised Electives (15 credit hours)
Technology (42 credit hours)
  • ART 321 - Life Drawing
  • CS 110 - Procedural Programming
  • CS 221 - Object Oriented Programming
  • CS 231 - Introduction to Java Programming
  • CS 241 - Data Structures
  • CS 330 - Game, Graphics, and GUI Development
  • CS 380 - Operating Systems
  • CS 389 - Introduction to Software Engineering
  • MATH 310 - Discreet Mathematics
  • Advised Electives (15 credit hours)
 Additional Information

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Digital Media Emphasis

What is the difference between a BFA with Digital Media Emphasis and a BS in Digital Media Studies?

Whereas both degrees contain a comprehensive digital design curriculum, the BS in Digital Media Studies leans more toward commercial client-based and team oriented digital design study, whereas the BFA leans more toward self-expression in digital fine arts and design. While both degrees offer the interdisciplinary degree plan as opposed to the specialized training a "technical school" would offer, students are advised to focus their interests in a particular digital medium near graduation once they have acquired the base of digital media design skills Tarleton offers. We believe that a program like ours enables students to develop that broad base in digital media design, which will prepare them for the intellectual and technical challenges in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.