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Explore Diversity

There are many opportunities to research, discuss, learn, and explore diversity in academic disciplines.

If you know of a conference, call for papers, or events you would like to share, please submit information to be included on our website by contacting

Attend our Faculty Series!

Faculty members who participate in the Faculty Series would be eligible for our Faculty Diversity Summer Cohort program that will offer support and opportunities for research and publishing in the area of diversity. Small stipends would be awarded for travel or other opportunities to grow research concepts involving diversity. Attend our Faculty Series events. Sign up for the sessions below using this online form.

Diversity Training

Diversity trainer and sociologist Dr. LaQueta Wright leads this workshop which will generate a common language to help faculty to define the primary elements of culture. Participants will learn how race, class and gender affect social interactions among students, faculty and staff. In addition to increasing cultural self-awareness, participants will acquire basic skills for engaging in cross-cultural communications and bridging cultural conflict (e.g. prejudice and discrimination) in the classroom and on campus. Attendees who successfully complete this session will receive a Diversity Certificate. Seats are limited!

DATE: Friday, October 4
TIMES: 8:00 a.m.— 12:00 p.m. or
12:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m.
  TSC 219 

 Diversity in the Curriculum

Join us for a discussion to share strategies about diversity in the curriculum. We will explore inclusive classroom practices and collaboratively examine techniques for shaping conversations about diversity within the class setting. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion will provide your lunch as you attend this collaborative session on diversity in the curriculum.

DATE:  Friday, Nov. 1
TIME: 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Academic Conferences

Explore upcoming conferences focusing on diversity, inclusion, and academic dialogues related to these areas.

Student Conferences

See these opportunities for students to learn about leadership, diversity, and a global perspective:

Research and Funding

Publication opportunities and emerging research in the field of diversity and inclusion.

Examine grants and funding opportunities related to diversity and inclusion on campus.

For more scholarships visit Tarleton's Scholarship Office