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The tabs have an information section with a title and might have additional content and/or images.

Tabs list primary uses for books, journals, magazines, newspapers, reference works, and Internet sites.

Tab Title: Books

Tab Content:

Use books to locate

- in-depth, comprehensive coverage

- background information

- historical accounts

- personal experiences

- context for topics (social, cultural, economic, etc.)

- research overviews and summaries

- collections of topical essays

- recommended sources and citation lists

Tab Title: Journals

Tab Content:

Use journals to locate

- original research studies and experiments

- articles by scholars, specialists, and experts

- research methodology examples

- reviews of research findings, topics, methods, etc.

- current research trends

- citations for research materials

- academic book reviews

Tab Title: Magazines

Tab Content:

Use magazines to locate

- popular culture articles and information

- special interest articles

- current event updates

- articles about specific trades or professions

- editorials and commentaries

- advertisements

- social trends, styles, fashion, etc.

- book and music reviews

Tab Title: Newspapers

Tab Content:

Use newspapers to locate

- news about local, national, and international current events

- editorials, commentaries, and opinions

- interviews and details about current events

- information about events as they progress

- personal and community information

Tab Title: Reference Works

Tab Content:

Use reference works to locate

- collections of facts, data, and statistics

- geographical and spatial information

- source lists for information about subjects

- introductory information about topics

- definitions and explanations of specialty terminology

- biographical information

- instructions and field-specific information (equations, formulas, etc.)

Tab Title: Internet Sites

Tab Content:

Use Internet sites to locate

- government reports, policies, announcements, and members' information

- popular culture information

- open access journals, magazines, newspapers

- posts on blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

- conversion tools (time, currency, etc.)

- personal and expert opinions

- commercial and commerce sites

- advertising

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