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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 9
WRAP-UP: Utilizing Library Services
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Unit 9 described how to verify if materials are available in Tarleton libraries:
•  search the libraries' catalog
-- to determine if Tarleton libraries own specific books, videos, periodicals, etc.
•  search the SFX Journal Locator
-- to determine if a periodical is available in full text format in a database offered by Tarleton libraries.

In addition, the unit explained Tarleton libraries' services that help patrons acquire materials from other libraries:
•  Interlibrary Loan Services, which are used
-- to get materials from a Tarleton library not on the patron's campus and
-- to obtain materials not available in Tarleton libraries
•  the TexShare Card Program, which is used
-- to gain access to materials in hundreds of Texas public and academic libraries

The unit also offered links to request forms so Tarleton library patrons can utilize these services online.

Finally, the unit described services offered to distance learning students. These services include
•  online reference assistance,
•  research tutorials,
•  research resources, and
•  document delivery for qualified students

Links to additional information about these services and those offered by the Center for Instructional Technology and Distributed Education were also provided.

So far in the library orientation, you've gathered information related to determining information needs, choosing sources and search tools, accessing and locating information, evaluating materials, and obtaining resources from other libraries.

Now, it's time to address a final component -- researching ethically. To that end, the next unit discusses copyright and fair use, plagiarism, and documentation.

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