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TexShare logo   The TexShare Card Program is offered by TexShare, a cooperative program designed to improve library services in Texas.

TexShare, in partnership with the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board, also funds several databases available in Tarleton libraries.

The TexShare Card Program gives registered users access to library materials at hundreds of Texas libraries. Member libraries include academic libraries, public libraries that belong to regional library systems, and clinical medicine libraries.

Due to Tarleton libraries' participation in the TexShare Card Program, Tarleton students, faculty, and staff can use this service to enhance their access to materials:

•  If Tarleton libraries do not have a needed item, registered TexShare users may be able to personally obtain the item from another TexShare library rather than using interlibrary loan.
•  Registered users can go directly to TexShare libraries and use resources as described in the libraries' policies.

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The following list answers questions frequently asked about the TexShare Card Program:

How can I participate in the TexShare Card Program?

•  To register for TexShare through a Tarleton library, you must be a user in good standing.
•  Current Tarleton students, faculty, and staff can register in two ways:
-- request and pickup a TexShare card at your library's circulation desk or
-- submit an online TexShare Card request to have a card mailed to you.
•  TexShare cards must be renewed each school session (fall, spring, and summer).
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What libraries participate in TexShare?
•  Hundreds of Texas academic and public libraries participate in this program.
•  The TexShare web site offers
-- a list of participating libraries by name,
-- a list of participating academic libraries by region, and
-- a list of participating public libraries by region.

What items can be borrowed using a TexShare card?

•  Each library determines its own lending policies.
•  Consult the policies for the library which you plan to visit using the library's lending policy link on the TexShare web site.
•  If the lending policy is not available online, call the library and ask about its TexShare program.
How are items checked out using TexShare services?
•  Present your TexShare card at the TexShare library's circulation desk to activate your checkout privileges.
•  You usually need to present valid identification along with the TexShare Card in order to borrow materials from participating TexShare libraries. Check the library's TexShare lending policies.
•  Check out items at the TexShare library's circulation desk.
•  If the lending library has attached fees to the item, you must pay these fees when you check out the item.
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How long can I keep borrowed materials?
•  Loan periods are determined by the lending library's policies.
•  Read the library's lending policies on the TexShare web site and inquire about specific policies when you visit a TexShare library.
How do I return borrowed materials?
•  Return materials to the TexShare library from which you borrowed the items.
•  Materials can be returned in person, by first-class mail, or by other methods outlined in the TexShare library's lending policy.
•  Tarleton libraries do not return TexShare items for Tarleton patrons.
•  You are responsible for all fees for lost, late, or damaged materials. All charges must be paid according to the lending library's policies.
How do I get more information?
•  Call Tarleton's Stephenville campus library at (254)968-9450.
•  Call Tarleton's Killeen campus library at (254)526-1619.

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The TexShare Card Program is easy to use as indicated by the information provided below.
•  Request a TexShare Card online or in person:
-- Online request form for a TexShare card
-- Ask for a TexShare Card at Tarleton libraries' circulation desks.
•  Read the TexShare lending policies for the library you plan to visit so you will know
-- what forms of identification to bring,
-- which library services will be available to you, and
-- what library resources you can access and/or can checkout.
•  Follow the policies of the TexShare library with which you've had a transaction.

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