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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 9
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Tarleton libraries offer a number of patron services in addition to providing access to materials (print and electronic), reference assistance, photocopying equipment, checkout privileges, and so on. In particular, the libraries offer services by which patrons can acquire materials from other libraries:
•  Interlibrary Loan Services and
•  the TexShare Card Program.

In addition, Tarleton libraries offer specific services for distance education students:
•  Online Reference,
•  Online Research Resources, and
•  Document Delivery Services.

This unit describes these services by
1.  explaining when and how to use each service,
2.  describing each service's purpose and characteristics, and
3.  providing links to online request forms and additional information.

The components of this unit explain the following about utilizing specific library services:

•  how to verify that materials must be borrowed from other libraries,
•  ways to borrow materials from other libraries,
•  steps to take when requesting items from other libraries,
•  how to locate information about services for distance students, and
•  what services are available for distance students.
The last parts of this unit offer activities related to Unit 9 topics and a review.

After completing this unit, you should be able to
•  verify if materials are available locally,
•  choose appropriate ways to request materials from other libraries,
•  know how to locate request forms to obtain materials,
•  locate information about services available to distance students, and
•  better understand how to enhance your access to materials.

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