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Interlibrary Loan image   Interlibrary Loan services are available to Tarleton State University students, faculty, staff, retired employees, alumni, and members of The Friends of the Dick Smith Library.

All materials are obtained according to the guidelines of copyright legislation.

Use Tarleton libraries' interlibrary loan services
•  if a library catalog search reveals that the library on the Tarleton campus where you attend classes does not have an item you need, but another Tarleton library does have the item,
•  when Tarleton libraries do not have the item you want (physically or electronically), and
•  if you do not attend classes in Killeen and the item is in the CTC library.

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The following list answers questions frequently asked about the interlibrary loan services offered by Tarleton libraries:

How does interlibrary loan work?
•  You submit a request using the libraries' ILLiad request form.
•  The Tarleton library to which you submit your request will work to locate a library willing to loan the item.
  -- You will be notified by email if the item is unattainable.
•  The library's interlibrary loan staff will request the item and email you
-- when the requested item arrives or
-- when an electronic copy is available.
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What items can be borrowed using interlibrary loan services?
•  Almost any item can be requested through interlibrary loan: books, periodical articles, posters, maps, microfiche, microfilm, etc.
•  Most libraries, however, do not lend entire periodicals, rare or fragile materials, and reference books.
•  In addition, many libraries do not lend recordings, videos, and other audio-visual materials.
Is there a charge for interlibrary loan services?
•  Tarleton libraries do not charge for interlibrary loan services.
•  If the lending library charges a fee for the item, you will be notified and given the chance to accept or reject the charges.
•  If the lending library has attached fees to the item, you must pay these fees when you pick up the item.
•  Also, you will be responsible for interlibrary loan charges fees for overdue or lost materials.
How long does it take to get materials?
•  Print materials usually arrive 1-3 weeks after a request is placed. The actual length of time depends on the lending library, how the item is delivered, etc.
•  Electronic materials often arrive less than a week after a request is placed.
How do I know when requested items arrive?
•  Tarleton library staff will notify you by email
-- when the requested item arrives or
-- when an electronic copy is available.
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How do I pick up the items when they arrive?
•  Print items are claimed and checked out at your library's circulation desk.
•  If the lending library has attached fees to the item, you must pay these fees when you pick up the item.
•  Electronic items are delivered to your Illiad account and can be accessed online.
How long can I keep borrowed materials?
•  Loan periods for interlibrary loan items are usually 3 weeks. However, the time periods varies depending on the loaning library. Due dates will be clearly marked on each item.
•  Requests to extend interlibrary loan due dates can be submitted using your ILLiad account. Your Tarleton library staff will submit the request to the lending library staff, who will decide if an extension is possible.
•  Tarleton library staff will let you know if your request for an extended borrowing time has been granted or denied.
How do I return borrowed materials?
•  Interlibrary loan books, maps, posters, etc. are returned to your Tarleton library, which will send the item back to the lending library.
•  Electronic items and periodical articles do not usually have to be returned. If you must return them, you will be notified when you pick up the items.
•  You are responsible for all interlibrary loan charges including fees for overdue or lost materials. All charges must be paid when you return the item to your Tarleton library.
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How do I get more information?
•  Email the Interlibrary Loan Office: ill@tarleton.edu
•  Call Tarleton's Stephenville campus library at (254)968-9660.
•  Call Tarleton's Killeen campus library at (254)526-1244.

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Tarleton libraries' interlibrary loan services are easy to use, and requests are submitted online. The following links provide access to this service.
•  Tarleton libraries' "Borrow from Other Libraries" page is the access point to information about interlibrary loan services, ILLiad, and TexShare.
•  Online request form for interlibrary loan services
-- This link goes to Tarleton State University Libraries - ILLiad Logon Screen.
-- First time users must register to claim a ILLiad username and password.
-- Users who have already claimed a ILLiad username and password can log in to go directly to the request form.

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