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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 8
WRAP-UP: Evaluating Materials
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Unit 8 presented numerous criteria to use when evaluating books, periodical articles, and Internet resources. These criteria can be grouped into six major categories:
•  purpose and audience, •  objectivity,
•  authority, •  currency, and
•  accuracy and reliability, •  coverage.

The unit also offered lists of evaluative questions for these categories, which will be useful when determining whether items are worthy of inclusion in a project -- whether it's a research paper for class, a message to friends, or a report at work. In addition, the unit suggested ways to find answers to the evaluative questions.

Printouts of this unit's evaluation criteria pages should prove to be useful additions to your research project materials.

You have now completed the library orientation units that directly address activities involved in the research process. Next, you will learn about services Tarleton State University libraries offer that enhance patrons access to research materials.

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