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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 7
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image of a computer   Tarleton Libraries' Subscription Databases can be accessed by qualified users from campus computers and from off-campus sites. As discussed in Unit 2, off-campus access requires the Tarleton dial-up, EZProxy, or the VPN connection, as well as a current Tarleton network username and password.

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1)  Select "Search Databases" on the libraries' home page.
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2)  Determine which database you should use as explained in the
"How to Choose Appropriate Databases" section below.

3)  Select a database from the list on the "Online Databases" page.

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Before beginning to search for information in library databases, you should determine which databases have the types of materials and topics you need.

Some databases specialize in specific subjects like education, business, psychology, and so on. Other databases are multi-disciplinary or general and include a variety of subjects. Therefore, Tarleton libraries offer a Guide to Online Databases to help users determine which databases best fit their information needs.

The Guide to Online Databases offers an alphabetical listing of the databases, brief summaries of each database's contents, and links to each database.

You access the
"Guide to Online Databases" page using a link on the
"Online Databases" page.
image of link to database guide

Taking the time to read the summaries in the "Guide to Online Databases" will make your research efforts more efficient because you can quickly learn which databases offer material relevant to your research interests.

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