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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 7
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Unit 7 provided tips for choosing databases appropriate to a task, gave information about how to locate search help, and explained different types of search results that can be obtained using databases. The following activity gives an opportunity to apply this information.

1)  Go to the Tarleton libraries' Online Databases page.
2)  Access the database Business Source Complete.
3)  Create a search that would help you locate articles based on this information need:
You are looking for information about the role(s) human resource management practices, policies, and/or strategies play in reducing employee turnover in companies based in the United States.
4)  Tips for success:
-- Follow the suggestions given in Units 4 and 7 about efficient searching.
-- Remember to read the online search tips.
-- Try various searches.
5)  Answer the following questions:
-- What factors may have influenced your success in finding articles?
-- Were articles relevant to this topic available online in the database?
-- If so, what formats were used for the online articles?
-- If not, how could you locate the articles using the citations?

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