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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 6
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image of periodicals   As stated in previous discussions, searches for articles will yield results in three possible formats:
•  an article citation,
•  an article citation plus abstract, and
•  an article citation plus full text article, often with an abstract.

If searching the library databases or the Internet yields full text articles, you usually do not need to look further because you can access and print the articles.

However, you may still want to locate the print version of an article for a variety of possible reasons:

•  the article is available, but you need a different format because the online article is difficult to use (e.g. blurry PDF image, HTML with no graphics or page numbers, and so on),
•  the article is available, but you want to evaluate the periodical it came from so you need the original publication, or
•  the article is available online, but you have been instructed to locate original print versions of your research materials.

In addition, you need strategies for finding full text versions of articles when
•  you find a citation for an article using online and/or print search tools or
•  you want to find an article listed in a bibliography, list of references, or another source.

Article citations provide enough information (i.e. article title, journal name, date of publication, and page numbers) to help you find (or request) the full article. You just need some strategies for doing this, as explained below.

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The following instructions illustrate how to begin finding an article using citation information. For these instructions, the citation being used is
  Green, Thad B. "An Empirical Analysis of Nominal and Interacting Groups." Academy of Management Journal, 18:1, March 1975: 63-74.

Using the citation information, we can begin the process of locating the article:

1.  Determine the periodical's title and the date needed.
As indicated in the citation, the article was published in March 1975 in volume 18, issue 1 of the periodical Academy of Management Journal.
2.  Find out if the periodical is available in Tarleton libraries.
Two processes can be used for this step:
-- search the libraries' catalog
-- search the SFX Journal Locator
3.  Obtain the article from another library if it is not available locally.
Ways to borrow items from other libraries are discussed in Unit 9 and include
-- Interlibrary Loan
-- TexShare Card Program

How to use the libraries' catalog and SFX Journal Locator to locate periodicals is explained in more detail on the following pages.

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