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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 6
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image of computer   Internet Search Tools can be used to locate
•  full text articles,
•  tables of contents for periodicals,
•  article citations, and
•  bibliographies and works cited lists.

Some scholarly publications offer free online current and/or past articles. Most do not. Instead, the articles are usually published on subscription sites and in databases. Many publishers do, however, put the table of contents for a periodical on its home page. Also, academic web pages frequently offer bibliographies. These resources help researchers obtain article citations, which can be used to locate articles as explained later in this unit.

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The following discussions briefly explain how specific types of Internet search tools can be used to locate periodical articles and article citations.

image of several computers Search engines like AlltheWeb and meta search tools like KillerInfo help researchers locate the home pages for periodicals, which may offer links to freely accessible articles (current and/or past) or links to tables of contents. In addition, these search tools can help users locate bibliographies, reports, and articles that can help generate ideas for further research.

image of crossroads Directories, pathfinders, and research guides include links to online resources related to a specific subject and often include links to electronic periodicals. For example, Tarleton libraries offer Internet link pages for Business, Human Resource Management, and International Business, which offers links to online periodicals, professional organizations, other research guides, etc.

image of computer and globe Free searchable databases offer links to articles, government documents, reports, and so on. They may also include directory features, which let users follow links to resources. Examples of free databases include CPSP Product Recalls Search, EDGAR (a U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission database), FirstGov.gov (official government information), and the Invisible Web Directory.

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