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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 6
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Unit 6 discussed ways to differentiate between types of periodicals, explained various search tools to use when looking for articles and citations, and told how to locate a periodical using a citation. The following activities take you through some of those processes.

1)  Search for the periodical Administrative Management in the libraries' catalog (go to the libraries' homepage & click on "Search the Catalog"). Then answer the following questions:
-- Which Tarleton libraries, if any, own the periodical?
-- What years of the periodical, if any, are available in Tarleton libraries?
-- If Tarleton libraries own this periodical, where is it stored?
-- How do you know?
2)  Search for the periodical Leadership Quarterly in the SFX Journal Locator and answer the following questions:
-- Are full text articles from this periodical available in the libraries' databases?
-- Which databases, if any, offer full text articles for this periodical?
-- How much of the periodical, if any, is available in the libraries' databases?
-- How do you know?
3)  Your task is to locate the article for the following citation and describe the process you used to locate it.
"Trends to Watch in HR Technology." HR Focus, July 2003, Vol. 80 Issue 7, pages 6 & 7.
4)  What type of periodical (scholarly, trade, general interest, etc.) is HR Focus?
-- How do you know?

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