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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 5
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image of rectangles   Item Records in the libraries' catalog offer a wealth of information (e.g. publication information, location, subject terms, and so on). Some online library catalogs show all information about an item on one screen. Other catalogs, like the one used by Tarleton libraries, separate the information onto two or more screens.

The following labeled images show the types of information on both the "item information" and "catalog record" screens in an item's record in the Tarleton libraries' online catalog, iLink.

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The item information screen is the first screen that appears when viewing details about an item. This screen gives an item's
•  title, •  ISBN or ISSN,
•  author/editor name, •  name of the library housing the item,
•  author/editor birth/death dates, •  call number,
•  publishing information, •  item type, and
•  physical description, •  location (library collection).

image of item information screen

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The catalog record screen repeats some information from the item information screen, as well as offering additional information:
•  series title (when relevant),
•  brief description of the item's contents,
•  purchasing information (requestor, date, and cost),
•  Library of Congress subject terms with links to run subject searches, 
•  linked names for other people associated with the item (when relevant), and
•  links to electronic items (e-books, e-journals, tables of contents, etc.)

image of catalog record screen

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Remember that off-campus access to the libraries' e-books and e-journals requires your Tarleton network username and password if Tarleton is not your Internet Service Provider (see Unit 2).

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