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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 5
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Unit 5 showed how to search the libraries' catalog, use catalog records to get information about items, and locate items in the libraries' collections. The unit also explained additional catalog features. The following activities will take you through a few practical applications of this information.

1)  Go to the Tarleton libraries' online catalog.
(Use the "Search the Catalog" link on the libraries' home page.)
2)  Go to the "Power Search" interface.
3)  Search for items about leadership in business management.
-- Use the "catalog keyword" and "words or phrase" options.
-- Phrase search business management.
Use the and boolean operator to add leadership to your search.
   (i.e. 'business management' and leadership)
4)  Answer the following questions:
-- How many items did the search retrieve?
-- What types of items (e.g. books, serials, etc.) did the search find?
-- What call number range seems most abundant?
5)  Go to the catalog's "Quick Search" interface.
6)  Search for the following terms using the "catalog keyword" and "words or phrase" options. Type the search exactly as it is written below, including the punctuation:
'business management' and ('electronic resource' or 'computer file')
  This search should retrieve records for the libraries' electronic resources (books and journals) that have business management as a key term.
7)  Look at the details (item information and catalog record) for one of the electronic books.
-- What is the e-book's title?
-- What subject term(s) appear in the e-book's catalog record?
8)  Open the electronic book from question #7 by clicking on the link "An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click for information," which appears in the book's catalog record.
Note: When accessing this book from off-campus locations, a pop-up window requesting your Tarleton network username and password may appear.
9)  In the netLibrary interface, click on "View this eBook."
10)  Explore the features available for electronic books (table of contents, search, navigation tools, print, etc.)

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