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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 4
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Unit 4 offered many tips and strategies for creating effective and efficient searches in both print and online search tools. The following activities will take you through some of the processes discussed in this unit.

1)  Go to the Tarleton libraries' Online Databases page.
2)  Access the database Business Source Complete.
3)  Open the search tips file by clicking the "Help" button on the database's interface.
4)  Scan the tips to see what types of information are available and locate the tips for searching.
5)  Answer the following questions:
Does Business Source Complete allow the following types of searches:
-- phrase
-- boolean operators
-- nested terms
-- truncation
-- wildcard

If so, what symbols are used for each?
6)  Continue to explore the interface for Business Source Complete, then answer the following questions.

Does Business Source Complete offer an online thesaurus?

If so, how is it accessed?

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Updated 1/2007