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image of newspapers   Newspapers are collections of articles (often called news stories) about current events, which are usually published daily. Articles are most often written by in-house staff members or a news service. They may cover news for a specific geographic area (i.e. local news or state news) or a broader geographic area (i.e. national and international news).

Newspapers, like journals and magazines, are called "periodicals" because they are published on a regular or periodic basis. The information in newspapers may or may not be written by an expert. Articles sometimes contain quotes or opinions of experts followed by general interpretations and may use unnamed sources. Newspapers of varying types are available in libraries, newsstands, and bookstores, as well as in vending machines in many public areas. Also, many newspapers publish web sites that show some of their current news articles, but rarely put the whole newspaper online unless it is a subscription site. Newspapers also often charge for access to online copies of feature stories and/or older articles. Additional information about various periodical types is provided in Unit 6.

The following list shows some reasons to use newspapers as research sources:
•  to find current information about international and national events,
•  to keep up with local events and issues, and
•  to read editorials, commentaries, and expert or popular opinions.
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