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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 3
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image of steps   Frequently, search tools offer article citations or item records rather than the actual information.

Therefore, researchers must employ additional research skills to locate the desired information.

These skills are necessary
when using the library's catalog to locate print materials,
when using periodical indexes and periodical abstracts, and
when databases or Internet sites offer citations rather than complete articles.

The processes used in these situations are explained in later units:

Unit 5 discusses
•  using the library catalog
•  understanding the catalog's item records
•  using item records to locate desired items

Unit 6 discusses
•  locating article citations
-- with periodical indexes and abstracts
-- with library databases
-- with Internet search tools
•  using citations to locate specific articles
-- with the library catalog
-- with the SFX Journal Locator
-- with Internet search tools

Unit 7 discusses

•  using library databases
•  understanding components of database search results
•  downloading different online formats

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