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image of computer   Internet Materials take a wide variety of forms and require various methods of access.

As used in this discussion, the term Internet materials applies to items that can be accessed using online search engines or directories, following web page links, or typing specific URLs. In general, these online materials are also free.

One of the main features of the Internet is the ability to quickly link an item to other related information. Also, the Internet offers information beyond plain text, including sounds, images, and video. Usually, information on the Internet is accessed using a browser.

Anyone with an Internet account can post information on the Internet; therefore it offers a wealth of information. However, the ease with which information can be made publicly available also means that special care must be taken when evaluating information that is freely available on the Internet. More information about evaluating Internet materials is provided in Unit 8.

The following list shows some reasons to use Internet materials as research sources:
•  to find current news and information,
•  to locate information about companies, industries, and trends,
•  to quickly access facts, numbers, and definitions,
•  to locate both expert and popular opinions, and
•  to find information from all levels of government.
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