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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 3
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Unit 3 presented the activities, which are typically part of a research process. The unit also introduced a number of research sources and tools. The activity for this unit offers an opportunity to explore some of these resources.

1)  Read the descriptions of the databases, which are available on the Tarleton libraries' Guide to Online Databases page.
2)  Pick five (5) databases that might be useful when researching human resource management, business management, or business administration topics. Remember that picking databases will be influenced by which aspect of a topic you are investigating. For example, if you were researching employee morale, databases that include topics such as psychology and behavioral sciences would probably be useful, as well as databases specially designed for human resource management research.
3)  Look at the Business and Accounting Research Guide offered by Tarleton libraries.
4)  Click on the "Internet Sources" link at the bottom of the "Business and Accounting Research Guide."
5)  Examine one of the listed Internet sites and determine how it might be useful when researching material for business, management, or human resource management classes.

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Updated 7/2004