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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 2
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image of a login box   Tarleton library patrons who want off-campus access to the libraries' databases, e-books, and e-journals must
•  claim their Tarleton network usernames and passwords, as well as
•  determine which type of connection to use (EZproxy or VPN).
To assist you, the remainder of this unit explains each of these processes and provides links to additional information.

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The following links go to university web pages offering

•  online instructions for claiming your Tarleton network username and password,
•  an online form to claim your username and password, and
•  an online form to change your password.

Once you have claimed your username and password, check The Gateway@tarleton.edu (linked on Tarleton's homepage) on a regular basis for announcements/messages from Tarleton faculty, staff, and students, as well as password expiration reminders from Information Resources.

Your Tarleton email address is "your username@tarleton.edu" (for example, st_jdoe@tarleton.edu). Use your Tarleton network username and password to access your email account through The Gateway@Tarleton.edu.

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To enable Tarleton's server to recognize you as a qualified user of password-protected library materials, you must establish a connection between your computer and Tarleton. This connection will allow you to enter your Tarleton network username and password to access the materials.

Three types of connections are available (EZProxy and VPN), which are explained on the following page.

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Updated 9/2007