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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 2
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  Tarleton libraries' catalog, databases, electronic books (e-books), electronic journals (e-journals), and electronic reserves (e-reserves) are available online. However, usernames and passwords are needed to access some of these resources.

The following sections explain

•  when your Tarleton network username & password are required,
•  when instructor-assigned usernames & passwords are required, and
•  when username & password are not needed (open access)

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Databases, E-books, and some E-journals
Due to site license guidelines, only current Tarleton students, faculty, and staff can access some of the libraries' resources from off-campus sites. Access requires a valid Tarleton network username and password; therefore, you should keep your network username and password current. Information about claiming and changing usernames and passwords is supplied in later sections of this unit.

Below are short descriptions of library resources that require a Tarleton network username and password for access.

Catalog Links to E-books & E-journals: Accessing e-books and e-journals using links in the libraries' catalog requires your Tarleton network username and password, which are the same ones used to access The Gateway@tarleton.edu.

Databases & E-journals: Accessing the libraries' subscription databases and e-journals requires your Tarleton network username and password.

•  The "Online Databases" page lists the libraries' databases and acts as the primary access point to the databases.
•  The "E-Journals" page alphabetically lists journals that are available to Tarleton patrons through databases. This page is accessible from links on the "Online Databases" and "Research by Topic" pages.

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Due to copyright laws and guidelines, materials put in the e-reserves collection must follow a specific set of access rules.

Class materials placed in the electronic reserves collection for a class can only be accessed by students currently enrolled in that class. Also, these students must use passwords and usernames, which are assigned by their instructor. More information about e-reserves is available on the Course Reserves page.

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Library Catalog Item Records & some E-journals
Catalog: No usernames or passwords are needed to access item records in Tarleton libraries' online catalog, which lists holdings for all Tarleton libraries (Stephenville, Killeen, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, etc.). However, access to most subscription e-journals through links in item records requires using your Tarleton network username and password.

The Central Texas College (CTC) Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library Catalog, which lists holdings at CTC and the Tarleton library in Killeen, is also freely accessible online. The CTC library catalog does not list the items held at the Tarleton library in Stephenville. Also, you can not obtain remote access to CTC library's e-books and e-journals using your Tarleton network username and password.

E-journals: Your Tarleton network username and password are not needed to access some online journals that are not in the libraries' databases, but are available through other online sources. However, many of these journals require registration and/or personal subscriptions to gain access to full text articles.

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