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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 2
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image of computers   If you want to access most password-protected library materials (databases, e-books and e-journals),
•  claim your Tarleton network username and password and
•  use either the EZProxy or the VPN connection.
Various traits of your computer system will determine whether you use EZProxy or the VPN connection, which are explained below.

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Most browsers work well with the EZProxy, which should be your first choice in trying to establish a connection for remote access. It is already in place and requires no special browser configuration. EZProxy is activated when you click on a link to a subscription database, e-book, or e-journal. When EZProxy is activated, the following screen will appear prompting you to enter your Tarleton network username and password:

image of EZProxy login page

If your Tarleton network username and password are current, the EZProxy should let Tarleton's server recognize you as a qualified user (i.e. a current Tarleton faculty, staff, or student) and give you access to Tarleton network password-protected resources.

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If the EZProxy does not work with your computer, you may need to try the VPN connection. Once VPN is installed, you should be able to access the libraries' databases, e-books, and e-journals if your Tarleton network username and password are current. You will also be able to access your H:drive (a portion of a Tarleton server designated for remote storage) using the VPN connection.

Use the following links to obtain more information about the VPN connection:
•  information from Tarleton Libraries about EZProxy
•  information from Information Resources about the VPN connection
•  instructions for connecting to your H: drive
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Updated 9/2007