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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 2
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Many library resources are freely available (in the library and from off-site locations). However, other resources can only be accessed by registered users using a process by which authorization is verified. This unit explains these matters further.

The components of this unit explain
•  the difference between free and registered access,
•  the processes to use to gain access,
•  how to get assistance when needed, and
•  Tarleton's computer use policies.
The last parts of this unit offer activities related to Unit 2 topics and a review.

After completing the sections in this unit, you should
•  know where to find information about gaining access,
•  know how to claim your network username and password,
•  understand the various types of access,
•  learn how to gain access,
•  be able to access password-protected materials,
•  know where to get further assistance, and
•  be aware of Tarleton's computer use policies.
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Updated 9/2007