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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 2
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Unit 2 gave information about requirements for accessing the libraries' subscription resources (databases, e-books, etc.) from off-campus locations. To reinforce this information, perform the following activities.

1)  If you have not already done so, claim your Tarleton network username and password.
• If your password has expired, change your password to update it.
2)  Log on to your Gateway@Tarleton.edu account (linked on Tarleton's homepage).
3)  Send yourself an email to check that your account works properly.
Remember that your Tarleton email address is your username@tarleton.edu (for example st_jdoe@tarleton.edu).
4)  To test your access to the libraries' subscription databases, go to the libraries' Online Databases page and click on the database ScienceDirect.
  •  Were you able to get into ScienceDirect?
-- If so, you are finished with this activity.
-- If not, see #5 below.
5)  If you are unable to access ScienceDirect, refer to the "Assistance & Computer Policies" section in this unit to locate contact information for further assistance.

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