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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 10
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As stated in the "Academic Honesty" portion of Tarleton State University Catalog 2004-2005:
Tarleton State University expects its students to maintain high standards of personal and scholarly conduct. Students guilty of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on an examination or other academic work, plagiarism, collusion, and the abuse of resource materials.

To meet expectations regarding scholarly conduct, students should understand the definitions, laws, and guidelines regarding copyright, plagiarism, and documentation. This unit provides information about these topics and offers links to more information.

The components of this unit examine the following topics as they relate to researching ethically:

•  balancing copyright and fair use (laws and guidelines),
•  avoiding plagiarism (definition and best practices), and
•  documenting sources (why, what, when, and how).
The last parts of this unit offer activities related to Unit 10 topics and a review.

After completing this unit, you should be able to
•  identify what constitutes "fair use" of copyrighted materials,
•  understand ways to avoid plagiarism, and
•  know what is required for proper documentation.

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