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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 10
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Unit 10 presented information about copyright, fair use of copyrighted materials, plagiarism, and documentation. The following activities give you an opportunity to apply some of the concepts from this unit.

1)  Write the following citations in proper APA format.
  "Research on Impacts of Team Leadership on Team Effectiveness" by Chia-Chen Kuo. Journal of American Academy of Business, September 2004, Vol. 5 Issue 1/2, pages 266-277.
  "Where have all the brand managers gone?" by David Kincaid. Marketing Magazine, 5/31/2004, Vol. 109 Issue 19, page 30.
2)  Read the questions and answers given in the Plagiarism Exercises assignment developed by the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stony Brook State University of New York.

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