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Tarleton State University Libraries Unit 1
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Welcome to the Tarleton State University Libraries' online library orientation, which offers individual units devoted to specific aspects of library research and services.

During your college careers, you will frequently need to locate research materials for assignments. Locating these materials requires access to adequate research tools and materials, as well as the ability to
•  determine the types of information needed,
•  utilize library research tools effectively,
•  evaluate materials critically, and
•  use research materials ethically.

Therefore, these Library Orientation tutorials are designed to help enhance your research abilities. The tutorials are organized into units, each of which includes an overview & goals page, informational and/or tutorial sections, learning activities, and a wrap up (review) of the topics covered.

Ideally, the units should be read and studied in sequence (i.e. Unit 1 to Unit 10) because the tutorials are arranged progressively -- general to specific, fundamental to more advanced, etc. The following list shows the topics addressed in the units:

Unit 1: Library Orientation Overview
Unit 2: Accessing Resources
Unit 3: Using a Research Process
Unit 4: Searching Effectively
Unit 5: Finding Books, Media, etc.

Unit 6: Finding Articles & Citations
Unit 7: Using Library Databases

Unit 8: Evaluating Materials
Unit 9: Utilizing Library Services
Unit 10: Researching Ethically

To move through the units, use the arrow icons at the bottom of each page: Use the lower right corner arrow icon to advance a page or to the next unit. Use the lower left corner arrow icon to repeat a page. If you want to access specific sections, use the Library Orientation Site Index link, which appears at the bottom of each page.

Since library terminology can be confusing, the "Understanding Library Terms" page, which follows, offers explanations of standard terms. This page can also be accessed from its link on the site index as needed.

After completing the library orientation units, you should be able to
•  connect to library resources from off-site computers,
•  define and articulate specific information needs,
•  identify types of materials best suited to your research,
•  understand different formats for research materials,
•  select appropriate research tools for locating desired information,
•  construct well-designed search strategies,
•  utilize various research tools efficiently,
•  evaluate research materials (information and sources),
•  utilize library-supplied services to obtain materials, and
•  understand concepts related to academic integrity.
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Updated 7/2004