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What is Mental Health First Aid?

 Mental Health First Aid will be offered on campus beginning FALL 2014.  More information to come! 

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

What does Mental Health First Aid teach you?

  • Risk factors and warning signs of addictions and mental illnesses.
  • Information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, and addiction disorders.
  • Impact of mental and substance use disorders.
  • Local resources and where to turn for help.
  • 5-step action plan to assess a situation and help:
    1. Assess for risk of suicide or harm.
    2. Listen nonjudgmentally.
    3. Give reassurance and information.
    4. Encourage appropriate professional help.
    5. Encourage self-help and other support strategies.

What is the benefit of taking Mental Health First Aid?

  • Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack- even if you have no clinical training- Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health related crisis.
  • The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses.
  • When a mental health crisis happens, the individual will know what to do.
  • Mental Health First Aid will serve as an element of prevention and help create a safety network.

(With Thanks, adapted from the Mental Health First Aid website.)