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Welcome to the College of Business Administration!

Graduate student, Alexandria Duncan

Faculty and staff in the College of Business Administration are exceptional and I would definitely encourage other students to pursue one of the degrees offered from this college. 

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Assistant Professor, Dr. Joanna Shaw

 My favorite part about teaching here is getting to know my students for who they are and helping them discover what they are passionate about.  

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Student, Kylie Raab

I would encourage students to pursue degrees in the College of Business Administration because the materials taught in classes like finance, accounting, marketing or computer classes you can use in daily life.

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Assistant Professor, Dr. Joseph Schussler

I love learning. In my eyes, the best way to do that is to teach. By having to teach a topic, I get to delve into the inner workings of things like networking, security, social media, emerging technologies, and so on.

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The primary mission of the College of Business Administration is to provide a high-quality, innovative, creative, and relevant education in business disciplines to a diverse group of traditional and non-traditional students.

We accomplish this mission by creating an educational environment conducive to the fullest development of each student’s learning and scholarly potential. As a community of scholars, we are committed to achieving excellence in teaching, research, and service to society.


Consistent with COBA mission stated above, and President Dottavio’s “4 E’s” namely Excel, Expand, Encourage, and Extend, and the Six Institutional Priorities, listed in Table 1 below, the College of Business Administration (COBA) Goals address all of its stakeholders, namely the students, faculty and staff, alumni, employers, and funding agencies and sources. The COBA Goals are:

  • Continuous improvements to creatively engage all COBA stakeholders.
  • Operational excellence to enrich COBA stakeholders’ experiences with COBA.
  • Be at the forefront of business administration education and research.
  • Advocate and promote diversity and globalization in programs for all of our stakeholders.