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Student Application

Application for Student Internship or Special Project  

The purpose of this form is to request to be considered for enrollment in an internship or special project course credit. You should contact the internship coordinator for preliminary approval before submitting this application. Read all the pertinent pages on this website before submitting the application.  Actual enrollment is done through the normal registration process after your application is submitted and approved and you have received the registration permit from the department office.

Important Notes:  The duration of an internship course is for whatever period of time allows approximately 250 clock hours of internship-related work activities (about 20 hours/week for 15 weeks, or the equivalent), but no shorter than 10 weeks.  (approximately the same amount of time is expected for Special Project courses, but requirements are somewhat more flexible.) This is normally done in a regular long semester.  If done in the summer, it covers the ENTIRE summer (minimum 10 weeks).  Although the summer internship or project course listing in the schedule may appear as a 5-week course, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 5-WEEK DURATION FOR THESE EXPERIENCES.  You may enroll in either the first or second summer term, but the grade is assigned only at the end of the 10-week summer, after all work hours and reporting obligations are completed.

Also Note: The Internship program does not place students in jobs or projects. We can advise and assist you in your search, so contact us for any help we may be able to offer. You must have a cooperating employer identified before you can submit this application and be approved and enroll for the course.


Please see the "Internship/Project Employer Application" which your employer must submit to us also.





Your Name (last, first): Student ID Number:

Your Degree Program:--Classification:Your Academic Advisor:

Has Your Academic Advisor Approved this Internship/Project For Your Degree Plan?

Is This Your First Internship or Project Course On Your Current Degree Plan?

Hours (Completed + Currently Enrolled) in Current Degree: Projected Graduation Date:

Your Overall Tarleton GPA: --Are you in good academic standing?

Your Mailing Address: --City/ST/Zip:

Phone1--> --Phone2-->

Email1--> --Email2-->


Semester and Year In Which You Will Complete This Internship

Name of Organization & Division

Physical Address of Your Workplace

The Position Title, Job Duties and Responsibilities:

How Will This Internship or Project Benefit You?

Your Job Supervisor or Internship Contact Coordinator (company representative we may contact regarding your internship):

When will you be (or were you) first employed in this current job? (month/day/year)

What is the average work hours per week : Length of internship (weeks):


Will you be able to work a minimum of 250 hours during the internship semester?

If above answer is 'NO' please explain:

Will the nature of the work provide significant learning opportunities in IT/IS related to your academic program?

If above answer is 'NO' please explain:

Does the organization have at least one IT/IS professional who will be assigned to supervise/mentor you on an ongoing basis (more than once per week)?

Please explain the method to be used, including frequency, of supervision/mentoring: