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  • Dr. Bill Larmer

    Dr. Bill Larmer

    The hallmark of a professional educator is the master's degree. The C&I M.Ed. from Tarleton will broaden your horizons regarding the goals and purposes of education, develop your ability to read and interpret the latest research, and prepare you to think critically about the issues surrounding the education of children and youth. Ask colleagues who have completed our degree program; I think they will tell you that a Tarleton degree was an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience.

  • Dr. Credence Baker

    Dr. Credence Baker

    As an assistant professor for instructional technology in the graduate Curriculum & Instruction graduate program, I have a passion for providing students with a truly distinctive learning experience that enhances skills with technology integration. It is our goal to ensure that we model this in our own classes, and that you are given plenty of opportunities and support to explore and become leaders in the use of instructional technology.

  • Nancy Summer

    Nancy Summer

    My experience in the C&I graduate program at Tarleton has been an extremely positive one. Class sizes are small and I value the one-on-one attention I receive from both my instructors and advisor. I have been able to immediately apply the knowledge gained to my own teaching practice with great success! The program is well designed and provides a structure to conduct action research in the classroom, allowing me to refine and adapt my instruction for maximum student benefit.

  • Susan Moore

    Susan Moore

    The C&I M.Ed. provided an opportunity to explore solutions to classroom challenges using action research, a unique teaching-learning experience that sets this program apart from traditional programs. Through systematic inquiry, my research has been an agent of educational change in my daily practice with my students with autism. My findings led to instructional renewal at the campus level and joint identification of future targets for change across the district special populations. Tarleton has enhanced my value and purpose as a professional educator.