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Our mission is to provide you with a relevant, research-based curriculum that develops your capacity for leadership through mastery of knowledge, effective communication, collaboration, inquiry, and decision-making that ensures learner success.

Specifically, our goals focus on your:

  1. Knowledge of research-based curriculum and instruction best practices. You identify, evaluate, and investigate best practice in the field of curriculum and instruction.
  2. Application of curriculum and instruction best practice. You apply best practice curriculum and instruction knowledge to classroom and instructional leadership.
  3. Communication of best practices in curriculum and instruction to professional audiences. You effectively communicate to educational professionals best practices in the field of curriculum and instruction.

Our M.Ed. program is designed to engage you with a knowledgeable and respected faculty who present content in a way that is relevant and meaningful. You'll form long-lasting relationships with peers to broaden your skill-sets and expand opportunities in your career.

The concentration areas within the program are customized with your career goals and aspirations in mind, and the coursework can be completed in as little as 18-months or as long as six years. Course formats include fully online courses and hybrid courses. Courses are offered at our Stephenville, Waco or Fort Worth campuses.

Masters Program

Earn your 30-33 hour M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with nine different concentrations to choose from. The following concentrations are offered at the Stephenville, Waco, and Fort Worth campuses:


Non-Degree Certification Program

Earn your certification in one of two options, offered at the Stephenville, Waco, and Fort Worth campuses. Note: these options are for certification only, and require less credit hours than the full M.Ed.


Teacher Certification + M.ED. Program (TMATE)

The TMATE year-long Texas Teaching certification program is a collaborative effort consisting of graduate coursework competed at Tarleton State University and teaching in area school districts. Coursework is offered at our Fort Worth and Killeen campuses.

All TMATE interns are accepted into the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s degree program. After certification requirements are completed, TMATE interns may complete the master of education degree in curriculum and instruction degree requirements:


Dr. Bill Larmer

The C&I M.Ed. from Tarleton will broaden your horizons regarding the goals and purposes of education.

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Dr. Credence Baker

It is our goal to ensure that we provide students with a truly distinctive learning experience that enhances skills with technology integration.

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Nancy Summer

The C&I M.Ed. program is well designed and provides a structure to conduct action research in the classroom.

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Susan Moore

The C&I M.Ed. program at Tarleton has enhanced my value and purpose as a professional educator.

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